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STEM Leadership Cadre

Interested in growing or enhancing a culture of STEM in your district or building?
Working to strengthen community and business partnerships?
Always dreamed of providing or participating in an
"educator in the workplace" experience?
Looking for professional growth opportunities to empower and retain teachers?

Now is your chance!

Participants in the STEM Leadership Cadre will:

  • explore STEM partnerships with both public and private entities, including higher education, business/industry, and professional organizations 

  • provide a forum where teachers and district/building leaders can strategize how to cultivate a culture of STEM according to the Ohio Department of Education’s Quality Model for STEM and STEAM Schools 

  • provide authenticity as the training immerses participants in environments that allow them to experience how STEM manifests itself in the real world (e.g., universities, corporations, labs, etc.)

Who Should Attend? Teachers (STEM, PBL-focused, career exploration), district/building administrators, or STEM coaches/coordinators. Grades 5 - 10. Teams of 2+ (preferred)

Participants: plan to attend five days (including one overnight) and two evenings (virtual) to gain the most out of the experience

Ultimate Goal: to enhance student learning by supporting a building culture of STEM and learning how to grow and secure STEM partnerships. The Cadre supports districts applying for STEM Designation and exhibits evidence of partnerships and STEM-rich student experiences; however, STEM designation is not a necessary end goal of the Cadre.

Registration Deadline: Fri., Sep 30, 2022


HSTW/MMGW/MSW NEO Region The Wilds

October 13 - 14, 2022

Time: TBD

Location: The Wilds, Cumberland, OH

*Please note this trip includes an overnight stay at The Wilds. Evening activities are planned, but educators are not required to stay overnight. October 14 is NEOEA Day. Families are welcome to join us on October 14. Family overnight accommodations are available at cost.

HSTW/MMGW/MSW NEO Region National Geographic Expeditions

November - TBD

4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Location: Zoom


December 7, 2022

8:30 a.m. - TBD

Location: Akron, Ohio

HSTW/MMGW/MSW NEO Region Bridgestone Americans Inc.

February 8, 2023

Time: TBD

HSTW/MMGW/MSW NEO Region Catawba College

January or February 2023 - TBD

4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Location: Zoom

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Dr. Missi Zender-Sakach

Dr. Missi Zender-Sakach

STE(A)M Consultant

Dr. Missi Zender-Sakach has designed this Cadre for Making Schools Work NEO to support MSW NEO sites interested in implementing new STE(A)M programs or strengthening existing STE(A)M cultures.

Dr. Zender-Sakach commenced her career in education in 1989.  For the last twenty-three years, she has been employed with the Summit Educational Service Center (SESC) as the Science/STEM, Health and Physical Education Consultant.  She is committed to improving STEM education at the local, state and national levels. 

Dr. Zender-Sakach received her doctoral degree from The University of Akron in 2002.  She has been a Science Coach for the Ohio Department of Education/Stanford University Performance Assessment Project, was a member of the Ohio Science Standards Writing Committee, and served on ODE’s STEM Innovation Working Group.  She is currently District IV Director and Conference Committee member for the Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) and is a Past President of the National Science Education Leadership Association (NSELA). 

Through her outreach as the Co-Chair of the SESC Business Advisory Council and President of the Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies (ACESS), Dr. Zender-Sakach is dedicated to advising school districts on changes in Ohio’s economy and in-demand job market and preparing high school students to be college- and career-ready for the next generation global workforce.